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My soundboards are constructed in the "double top" style where the top is composed of three laminated layers. The inner and outer layers are 0.50mm European spruce or Red Cedar with the inner core being a material called Nomex. Nomex is a coated fiber material that when used as a core produces a guitar top of exceptional strength and stiffness that is considerably lighter in weight than a traditional solid wood top. The sound of these guitars is powerful but with the capability to also produce extremely delicate passages. A lighter weight top will resonate much more easily and interact with the player in a more dynamic fashion. The guitar becomes a more complete extension of the musician. Please visit my Gallery for examples.


  • Body width at lower bout: 14 3/4"
  • Scale length: 650mm (25.6") other lengths available
  • Body depth at side: 3 5/8 " tapering to 4"
  • Nut width: From 1 3/4" to 2"
  • Top material: Western Red Cedar or Swiss Spruce
  • Back & sides: Indian Rosewood or choice of other hardwood
  • Fingerboard, peghead veneer, bridge: Ebony or choice of other hardwoods


  • 7 or 8-string guitar: $200 extra
  • Truss Rod no charge
  • Please inquire for any special options you would like.

Price: $4000