Holst Custom Stringed Instruments 2007





1) What is your policy on returns?

If the plate has defects in manufacturing of any kind a full refund or exchange is granted. I try to make sure there aren't any problems before shipping to avoid this situation.

2) Can I use normal stains, finishes and glues on these plates?

Yes, all typical stains, finishes and adhesives will work well. Included in every order is an instruction sheet detailing tips and useful methods for getting great looking finished results.

3) Can I sand the outside surface of the plate?

The best thing to do is to avoid sanding the outside surface until the body is complete and bound. This avoids any unnecessary sanding. Each layer of wood is only 0.020" thick. It would be very easy to sand through this layer and into the one beneath. What works best for me is to complete the body and then lightly sand the outer surface with a random orbit sander and 220 grit disc. This will clean up any binding glue and pencil marks on the top. Always sand cautiously and to a minimum.

4) Should I brace the top in any particular style?

You can brace the top as you would any carved archtop. The Benedetto book is a good reference to start from for beginners. Additionally, The GAL (Guild of American Luthiers) has many wonderful books on luthiery that every builder should own.

5) Can I use your plates to make semi-hollow style guitars with double cutaways?

Yes, these plates make an excellent foundation for a 335 style instrument. The upper bout area is purposefully left flat to allow for a variety of cutaway styles including double cutaways.

6) Can I choose the exterior veneers for my plates?

All of my veneers are cut from the same tree and are all very similar to each other. There are always minor variations in the flame patterns but all are beautiful. If it's important to you to see your particular veneer before hand just email me and I'll make sure to give you a selection to look over Online.








Laminations as viewed through the f-hole


A completed guitar