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I began making and selling guitars in 1984 and have been continually refining my ideas and inspirations over the years into the instruments you see today. Working full time since 1994 I currently I make between 8 and 10 guitars and mandolins per year in my shop in Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley.

Each guitar and mandolin I make reflects the unique needs and wishes of its owner. Custom neck widths and body shapes, special finish colors, choice of scale lengths and fingerboard radius, unique and personal inlay designs and wood selection, and above all, the appropriate response, tone, and feel that is desired.

By working full time by myself I am able to meticulously construct each instrument on an individual basis. This approach allows me to focus on extremely specific variables, controlling them to complement the finished piece and the customer's need for tonality and responsiveness.

It's my sincere desire to provide every customer with not only a beautifully crafted guitar or mandolin, but to furnish them with an instrument that will give them a lifetime of enjoyment. I invite you to discuss with me your own special needs for a guitar or mandolin.