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Third Grade Reading Level

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Blume, Judy
Are You There, God? It's Me, MargaretF3.6MG
Otherwise Known as Sheila the GreatF3.5MG
Then Again, Maybe I Won'tF3.6MG
Cowley, Joy
ReviewAgapanthus Hum and the EyeglassesF3.5LG
MacLachlan, Patricia
Sarah, Plain and TallF3.4MG
McPhail, David
Ed and MeF3.1LG
Pig Pig Grows UpF3.0LG
Santa's Book of NamesF3.6LG
Those Terrible Toy-breakersF3.1LG
Peterson, JohnSeries: The Littles
1) The LittlesF3.3LG
2) The Littles and the Trash TiniesF3.7MG
3) The Littles Go ExploringF3.5MG
4) The Littles Have a WeddingF3.4MG
5) The Littles To the RescueF3.6LG
There are 13 books in the series
Polacco, Patricia
Thunder CakeF3.5LG
Preller, JamesSeries: Jigsaw Jones Mysteries
1) The Case of Hermie the Missing HamsterF2.9LG
2) The Case of the Christmas SnowmanF3.0LG
3) The Case of the Secret ValentineF2.9LG
4) The Case of the Spooky SleepoverF2.8LG
5) The Case of the Stolen Baseball CardsF3.1LG
There are 15 books in this series
Roy, RonSeries: A to Z Mysteries
1) The Absent AuthorF
2) The Bald BanditF
3) The Canary CaperF
4) The Deadly DungeonF
5) The Empty EnvelopeF
The series goes through "N" so far
Scieszka, JonSeries: The Time Warp Trio
1) Knights of the Kitchen TableF3.8MG
2) The Not-So-Jolly RogerF3.8MG
3) The Good, the Bad, and the GoofyF3.8MG
There are more books in this series
Seuss, Dr.
Horton Hatches the EggF3.1LG
Horton Hears a Who!F3.3LG
How the Grinch Stole ChristmasF3.0LG
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerSeries: Boxcar Children Adventures
1) The Boxcar ChildrenF3.9LG
2) Surprise IslandF4.2LG
3) The Yellow House MysteryF3.2LG
4) Mystery RanchF3.3LG
5) Mike's MysteryF3.0LG
There are 80 books in this series
Wynne-Jones, Tim
Zoom AwayF3.1LG
Yolen, Jane
Owl MoonF3.2LG

2000-2004 Barbara L.M. Handley
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