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Sixth Grade Reading Level

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Adams, DouglasSeries: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Review1) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyF6.6UG
Review2) The Restaurant at the End of the UniverseF6.1UG
Review3) Life, the Universe and EverythingF
Review4) So Long, And Thanks For All the FishF
Review5) Mostly HarmlessF
Adams, Richard
ReviewWatership DownF6.2UG
Alexander, Lloyd
Series: The Prydain Chronicles
Review1) The Book of ThreeF5.3MG
2) >The Black CauldronF5.2MG
3) The Castle of LlyrF5.4MG
4) Taran WandererF6.2MG
5) The High KingF6.1MG
Asimov, IsaacSeries: Foundation Trilogy
Review1) FoundationFA
Review2) Foundation and EmpireF6.4UG
Review3) Second FoundationFA
>Boston, L.MSeries: Green Knowe
1) The Children of Green KnoweF5.3MG
2) Treasure of Green KnoweF5.8MG
3) The River At Green KnoweF
4) A Stranger At Green KnoweF6.4MG
5) An Enemy At Green KnoweF
Brink, Carol Ryrie
Caddie WoodlawnF6.0MG
Brooks, TerrySeries: Sword of Shannara
Sword of ShannaraF8.7UG
Elfstones of ShannaraF6.4UG
The Wishsong of ShannaraF6.1UG
Buck, Pearl S.
The Good EarthF6.8UG
Burnett, Frances Hodgson
A Little PrincessF6.0MG
The Secret GardenF6.3MG
Cameron, Eleanor
The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom PlanetF6.3MG
Card, Orson Scott
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher ColumbusF6.9UG
Series: The Tales of Alvin Maker
1) Seventh SonF5.9UG
2) Red ProphetF5.7UG
3) Prentice AlvinF5.8UG
4) Alvin JourneymanF6.3UG
5) HeartfireF5.6UG
Series: Ender
1) Ender's GameF5.5UG
2) Speaker For The DeadF6.1UG
3) XenocideF6.3UG
4) Children Of The MindF6.2UG
5) Ender's ShadowF5.9UG
6) Shadow of the HegemonFA
Christopher, JohnSeries: The Tripods
1) When the Tripods CameF5.2UG
2) The White MountainsF6.2MG
3) >The City of Gold and LeadF6.5MG
4) The Pool of FireF7.0UG
Cooper, SusanSeries: The Dark is Rising Sequence
1) Over Sea, Under StoneF5.4MG
2) The Dark Is RisingF6.2MG
3) GreenwitchF5.3MG
4) The Grey KingF6.2MG
5) Silver on the TreeF6.0MG
Craven, Margaret
I Heard the Owl Call My NameF6.0UG
Cushman, Karen
Catherine, Called BirdyF6.4UG
The Midwife's ApprenticeF6.0MG
Dubois, William Pene
The Twenty-One BalloonsF6.8MG
Estes, Eleanor
Ginger PyeF6.0MG
Farley, WalterSeries: The Black Stallion
1) The Black StallionF5.2MG
2) The Black Stallion ReturnsF6.1MG
3) Son of the Black StallionF6.1MG
4) The Island StallionF5.8MG
5) The Black Stallion and SatanF5.4MG
There are 23 books in this series
Frank, Anne
Diary of a Young GirlNF6.5UG
Furlong, Monica
Robin's CountryF6.5UG
Gellman, Marc & Thomas Hartman
ReviewBad Stuff In the NewsNF6.4MG
Gray, Elizabeth
Adam of the RoadF6.5MG
Hunt, Irene
Across Five AprilsF6.6MG
Jones, Diana WynneSeries
Review1) Howl's Moving CastleF5.4UG
2) Castle in the AirF6.0UG
Jordan, RobertSeries: Wheel of Time
1) The Eye of the WorldF5.9UG
2) The Great HuntF5.5UG
3) The Dragon RebornF5.8UG
4) The Shadow RisingF5.9UG
5) The Fires of HeavenF6.5UG
There are 9 books in this series
Juster, Norton
The Phantom TollboothF6.7MG
Keith, Harold
Rifles for WatieF6.1MG
King, Stephen
The Eyes of the DragonF6.4UG
Kjelgaard, JimSeries: Big Red
1) Big RedF5.6MG
2) Irish RedF5.8MG
3) Outlaw RedF6.6MG
Lawson, Robert
Rabbit HillF6.4MG
The Tough WinterF6.2MG
Le Guin, Ursula K.
Series: The Earthsea Trilogy
1) A Wizard of EarthseaF6.7MG
2) The Tombs of AtuanF5.9MG
3) The Farthest ShoreF6.1UG
4) TehanuF
McCaffrey, AnneSeries: Crystal Singer Trilogy
1) Crystal SingerFA
2) KillashandraFA
3) Crystal LineFA
Series: Pern Novels
1) DragonsdawnFA
2) Moreta: Dragonlady of PernFA
3) Nerilka's StoryFA
4) DragonflightF6.9UG
5) DragonquestF6.9UG
There are 15 Pern novels
This Pern trilogy was written for Young Adults
1) DragonsongF6.8UG
2) DragonsingerF6.7UG
3) DragondrumsF7.5UG
anything by this author
McCloskey, Robert
Homer PriceF6.6MG
McKinley, Robin
Rose DaughterF6.8UG
1) The Blue SwordF6.8MG
2) The Hero and the CrownF7.0MG
Montgomery, L.M.
Series: Emily
1) Emily of New MoonF6.3UG
2) Emily ClimbsF6.3UG
3) Emily's QuestF5.8UG
Nesbit, E.
The Enchanted CastleF6.1UG
Five Children and ItF
The WouldbegoodsF
Norton, MarySeries: The Borrowers
1) The BorrowersF5.3MG
2) The Borrowers AfieldF6.4MG
3) The Borrowers AfloatF6.0MG
4) The Borrowers AloftF6.0MG
5) The Borrowers AvengedF5.3MG
Park, Linda Sue
ReviewA Single ShardF6.6MG
Peters, ElizabethSeries: Amelia Peabody
1) Crocodile on the SandbankF6.9UG
2) The Curse of the PharaohsF
3) The Mummy CaseF
4) Lion in the ValleyF
5) The Deeds of the DisturberF
6) The Last Camel Died at NoonF
7) The Snake, the Crocodile and the DogF
8) The Hippopotamus PoolF
9) Seeing a Large CatF
10) The Ape Who Guards the BalanceF
11) The Falcon at the PortalF6.3UG
12) He Shall Thunder in the SkyF
13) Lord of the SilentF
14) The Golden OneF
15) Children of the StormF
Pullman, Philip Series
1)The Golden CompassF7.1UG
2)The Subtle KnifeF6.2UG
Sleator, William
Snicket, LemonySeries: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Review1) The Bad BeginningF6.4MG
Review2) The Reptile RoomF6.3MG
3) The Wide WindowF6.3MG
4) The Miserable MillF6.2MG
5) The Austere AcademyF6.7MG
6) The Ersatz ElevatorFMG
7) The Vile VillageFMG
8) The Hostile HospitalFMG
Sperry, Armstrong
Call It CourageF6.2MG
Stewart, Mary
1)The Crystal CaveF5.7UG
2)The Hollow HillsF6.2UG
3)The Last EnchantmentF6.3UG
4)The Wicked DayF6.3UG
Tolkien, J.R.R.
The HobbitF6.6UG
Series: The Lord of the Rings
1)The Fellowship of the RingF6.1UG
2)The Two TowersF6.3UG
3)The Return of the KingF6.2UG
Travers, P.L.Series: Mary Poppins
1) Mary PoppinsF6.1MG
2) Mary Poppins Comes BackF
3) Mary Poppins Opens the DoorF
4) Mary Poppins in the ParkF
Turner, Megan Whalen
The ThiefF6.0UG
Twain, Mark
The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnF6.6MG
Uris, Leon
White, E.B.
Stuart LittleF6.0MG
Wordsworth, Williampoems by
Yates, Elizabeth
Amos Fortune, Free ManF6.5MG

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