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Fourth Grade Reading Level

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Banks, Lynne Reid
The Fairy RebelF4.2MG
Series: The Indian in the Cupboard
1) The Indian in the CupboardF4.6MG
2) The Return of the IndianF4.6MG
3) The Secret of the IndianF5.2MG
4) The Mystery of the CupboardF4.9MG
5) The Key to the IndianF4.8MG
Bellairs, John
Series: Lewis Barnavelt Series
Review1) The House With a Clock In Its WallsF5.0MG
2)The Figure in the ShadowsF4.8MG
3) The Letter, The Witch, and the RingF4.7MG
4) The Ghost in the MirrorF5.3MG
5) The Vengeance of the Witch-FinderF5.5MG
6) The Doom of the Haunted OperaFMG
Blume, Judy
Starring Sally J. Freedman as HerselfF4.4MG
Bryant, BonnieSeries: Saddle Club
1) Horse CrazyF4.8MG
2) Horse ShyF4.7MG
3) Horse SenseF4.8MG
4) Horse PowerF4.8MG
5) Trail MatesF4.5MG
There are 98 books in this series
Campbell, JoannaSeries: Thoroughbred
1) A Horse Called WonderF4.5MG
2) Wonder's PromiseF4.5MG
3) Wonder's First RaceF4.8MG
4) Wonder's VictoryF4.8MG
5) Ashleigh's DreamF4.8MG
There are 35+ books in this series,
as well as the Thoroughbred Super Series
and the Thoroughbred: Ashleigh Series
Cleary, Beverly
Ramona and Her MotherF4.8MG
Coerr, Eleanor
Sadako and the Thousand Paper CranesF4.1MG
Coville, Bruce
The Skull of TruthF4.7MG
Jennifer Murdley's ToadF4.6MG
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon HatcherF4.9MG
Creech, Sharon
Walk Two MoonsF4.9MG
Dahl, Roald
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryF4.8MG
Charlie and the Great Glass ElevatorF4.4MG
George's Marvelous MedicineF4.0MG
The TwitsF4.4LG
The WitchesF4.7MG
DeJong, Meindert
Wheel on the SchoolF4.7MG
Eager, Edward
Half MagicF5.0MG
Knight's CastleFMG
Magic By The LakeFMG
The Time GardenFMG
Magic Or Not?F4.7MG
The Well-WishersF5.0MG
Seven-day MagicF5.0MG
anything by this author
Ellis, Deborah
ReviewThe BreadwinnerF4.5MG
Farmer, Nancy
The Ear, The Eye and The ArmF4.7UG
Fenner, Carol
Yolanda's GeniusF4.8MG
Fletcher, Susan
Dragon's MilkF4.5MG
Gannett, Ruth StilesSeries: Three Tales of My Father's Dragon
1) My Father's DragonF5.6LG
2) Elmer and the DragonF4.6LG
3) The Dragons of BluelandF4.9LG
George, Jean Craighead
There's an Owl in the ShowerF4.3MG
Giff, Patricia Reilly
Lily's CrossingF4.6MG
Haddix, Margaret PetersonSeries
1) Among the HiddenF4.9MG
2) Among the BetrayedF4.8MG
3) Among the ImpostersF4.9MG
Running Out of TimeF4.8MG
Hamilton, Virginia
The House of Dies DrearF4.8MG
Howe, Deborah
Johnson, Angela
Songs of FaithF4.5MG
King-Smith, Dick
Harry's MadF4.8MG
The StrayF4.5MG
Series: Sophie Books
1) Sophie's SnailF
2) Sophie's TomF4.7LG
3) Sophie Hits SixF4.3LG
4) Sophie in the SaddleF
5) Sophie's LuckyF
6) Sophie is SevenF
Kipling, Rudyard
Kirk, David
Nova's ArkF4.8LG
Konigsburg, E.L.
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerF4.7MG
Le Guin, Ursula K.
Series: Catwings
1) CatwingsF4.3LG
2) Catwings ReturnF4.3MG
3) Wonderful Alexander and the CatwingsF3.7LG
4) Jane On Her OwnF3.9MG
L'Engle, Madeleine
Series: The Time Quartet
1) A Wrinkle in TimeF4.7MG
2) A Wind in the DoorF5.0MG
3) A Swiftly Tilting PlanetF5.2UG
4) Many WatersF4.7UG
anything by this author
Levine, Gail Carson
Ella EnchantedF4.6MG
Lindgren, AstridSeries: Pippi Longstocking
1) Pippi LongstockingF5.2MG
2) Pippi Goes On BoardF5.3MG
3) Pippi In the South SeasF5.4MG
Pippi Goes To SchoolF4.6LG
Pippi Goes To the CircusF4.5LG
Pippi Longstocking's After-Christmas PartyF4.7LG
Pippi's Extraordinary Ordinary DayF4.4LG
Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?PB
Martin, Rafe
The Rough-Face GirlF4.0LG
McPhail, David
Edward and the PiratesF4.0LG
Milne, A.A.Series: The Tales of Winnie the Pooh
1) The House at Pooh CornerF4.8MG
2) When We Were Very YoungF4.6MG
3) Now We Are SixF4.6MG
Morey, Walt
Gentle BenF4.8MG
O'Dell, Scott
Sing Down the MoonF4.9MG
Paterson, Katherine
Bridge to TerabithiaF4.6MG
The Great Gilly HopkinsF4.6MG
Peck, Robert NewtonSeries: Soup Books
1) SoupF4.4MG
There are 18 books in this series
Pilkey, DavSeries: Captain Underpants
1) The Adventures of Captain UnderpantsF4.3MG
2) Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking ToiletsF4.7LG
3) Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies From Outer SpaceF4.4LG
4) Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor PoopypantsF4.7MG
5) Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie WomanF
Polacco, Patricia
The Keeping QuiltF4.4LG
Rawls, Wilson
Summer of the MonkeysF4.8MG
Where the Red Fern GrowsF4.9MG
Selden, George
The Cricket in Times SquareF4.9MG
Speare, Elizabeth
The Sign of the BeaverF4.9MG
Spinelli, Jerry
Maniac MageeF4.7MG
Taylor, SydneySeries: All-Of-A-Kind Family
1) All-Of-A-Kind FamilyF4.9MG
2) More All-Of-A-Kind FamilyF
3) All-Of-A-Kind Family UptownF
4) All-Of-A-Kind Family DowntownF
5) Ella of All-Of-A-Kind FamilyF
Voigt, Cynthia
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerSeries: Boxcar Children Adventures
1) The Boxcar ChildrenF3.9LG
2) Surprise IslandF4.2LG
3) The Yellow House MysteryF3.2LG
4) Mystery RanchF3.3LG
5) Mike's MysteryF3.0LG
There are 80 books in this series
White, E.B.
Charlotte's WebF4.4MG
Trumpet of the SwanF4.9MG
White, Ruth
Belle Prater's BoyF4.4UG
Winthrop, ElizabethSeries
1) The Castle in the AtticF4.9MG
2) The Battle for the CastleF4.4MG
Wrede, PatriciaSeries: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
1)Dealing With DragonsF5.5MG
2)Searching For DragonsF5.3MG
3)Calling On DragonsF4.9MG
4)Talking To DragonsF4.6MG

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