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Fifth Grade Reading Level

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Alexander, Lloyd
The ArkadiansF5.4MG
Series: The Prydain Chronicles
Review1) The Book of ThreeF5.3MG
2) The Black CauldronF5.2MG
3) The Castle of LlyrF5.4MG
4) Taran WandererF6.2MG
5) The High KingF6.1MG
Go Ask AliceF5.6UG
Armstrong, William H.
The True Confessions of Charlotte DoyleF5.3MG
Babbitt, Natalie
ReviewThe Search For DeliciousF5.4MG
ReviewTuck EverlastingF5.0MG
anything by this author
Banks, Lynne Reid
The Farthest-Away MountainF5.2MG
Barron, T.A.The Lost Years of Merlin
1) The Lost Years of MerlinF5.1MG
2) The Seven Songs of MerlinF5.2UG
3) The Fires of MerlinF5.0UG
4) The Mirror of MerlinF5.4UG
5) The Wings of MerlinF5.8UG
Bellairs, Johnanything by this author
Series: Lewis Barnavelt Series
Review1) The House With a Clock In Its WallsF5.0MG
2)The Figure in the ShadowsF4.8MG
3) The Letter, The Witch, and the RingF4.7MG
4) The Ghost in the MirrorF5.3MG
5) The Vengeance of the Witch-FinderF5.5MG
6) The Doom of the Haunted OperaFMG
Blackwood, Gary
The Shakespeare StealerF5.2UG
Bond, Nancy
A String in the HarpF5.2MG
>Boston, L.MSeries: Green Knowe
1) The Children of Green KnoweF5.3MG
2) Treasure of Green KnoweF5.8MG
3) The River At Green KnoweF
4) A Stranger At Green KnoweF6.4MG
5) An Enemy At Green KnoweF
Brooks, Walter R.Series: Freddy the Pig
1) Freddy Goes to FloridaF5.9MG
2) Freddy Goes to the North PoleFMG
3) Freddy the DetectiveF5.5MG
4) The Story of FreginaldFMG
5) The Clockwork TwinFMG
Review22) Freddy and the Men From MarsFMG
There are 26 books in this series
Campbell, Eric
The Place of LionsF5.5MG
Card, Orson Scott
Series: The Tales of Alvin Maker
1) Seventh SonF5.9UG
2) Red ProphetF5.7UG
3) Prentice AlvinF5.8UG
4) Alvin JourneymanF6.3UG
5) HeartfireF5.6UG
Carter, Forrest
Education of Little TreeF5.5UG
Christie, Agatha
And Then There Were NoneF5.7UG
Cleary, Beverly
The Mouse and the MotorcycleF5.1MG
anything by this author
Cleaver, Vera
and and Bill Cleaver
Where The Lilies BloomF5.2MG
Cooper, SusanSeries: The Dark is Rising Sequence
1) Over Sea, Under StoneF5.4MG
2) The Dark Is RisingF6.2MG
3) GreenwitchF5.3MG
4) The Grey KingF6.2MG
5) Silver on the TreeF6.0MG
Coville, Bruce
Series: Rod Allbright's Alien Adventures
1) Aliens Ate My HomeworkF4.8MG
2) I Left My Sneakers in Dimension XF5.5MG
3) The Search for SnoutF5.6MG
4) Aliens Stole My BodyF5.2MG
Series: My Teacher is an Alien
1) >My Teacher is an AlienF5.3MG
2) My Teacher Fried My BrainsF4.8MG
3) My Teacher Glows in the DarkF4.9MG
4) My Teacher Flunked the PlanetF5.0MG
Series: The Unicorn Chronicles
1) Into the Land of the UnicornsF6.0MG
2) Song of the WandererF5.8UG
3) The Last HuntF
anything by this author
Creech, Sharon
Curtis, Christopher Paul
The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963F5.0MG
Dixon, Franklin W.Series: The Hardy Boys
1) The Tower TreasureF5.4MG
2) The House On the CliffF5.4MG
3) The Secret of the Old MillF5.5MG
4) The Missing ChumsF5.2MG
5) Hunting For Hidden GoldF6.3MG
There are 58 books in this series
Duane, DianeSeries: Wizardry Series
1) So You Want To Be A WizardF5.9UG
2) Deep WizardryF
3) High WizardryFUG
4) A Wizard AbroadF5.6UG
Eager, Edward
Half MagicF5.0MG
Knight's CastleFMG
Magic By The LakeFMG
The Time GardenFMG
Magic Or Not?F4.7MG
The Well-WishersF5.0MG
Seven-day MagicF5.0MG
anything by this author
Farley, WalterSeries: The Black Stallion
1) The Black StallionF5.2MG
2) The Black Stallion ReturnsF6.1MG
3) Son of the Black StallionF6.1MG
4) The Island StallionF5.8MG
5) The Black Stallion and SatanF5.4MG
There are 23 books in this series
Forbes, Esther
Johnny TremainF5.9MG
Gannett, Ruth StilesSeries: Three Tales of My Father's Dragon
1) My Father's DragonF5.6LG
George, Jean Craighead
Julie of the WolvesF5.8MG
My Side of the MountainF5.2MG
The Talking EarthF5.2MG
Gipson, Fred
Old YellerF5.0MG
Haddix, Margaret PetersonSeries
Hamilton, Virginia
The Planet of Junior BrownF5.1MG
Henry, Marguerite
Brighty of the Grand CanyonF5.6MG
Cinnabar The One O'Clock FoxF
Justin Morgan had a HorseF5.8MG
King of the WindF5.4MG
Misty of ChincoteagueF5.3MG
Herbert, Frank
Hesse, Karen
Out of the DustF5.3MG
Hill, Kirkpatrick
Winter CampF5.0MG
Hunt, Irene
ReviewThe Lottery RoseF5.6MG
Hutchens, PaulSeries: Sugar Creek Gang
1) F
2) The Killer BearF5.2MG
3) The Winter RescueF5.4MG
4) The Lost CampersF5.7MG
5) The Chicago AdventureF
There are 36 books in this series
Ibbotson, Eva
The Secret of Platform 13F5.8UG
Jacques,BrianSeries: Redwall
1) RedwallF5.6MG
2) MossflowerF5.1MG
3) MattimeoF5.2MG
4) Mariel of RedwallF5.7MG
5) SalamandastronF5.7MG
There are 13+ books in the series
Jordan, RobertSeries: Wheel of Time
1) The Eye of the WorldF5.9UG
2) The Great HuntF5.5UG
3) The Dragon RebornF5.8UG
4) The Shadow RisingF5.9UG
5) The Fires of HeavenF6.5UG
There are 9 books in this series
Kendall, Carol
The Gammage CupF5.9MG
Key, Alexander
The Forgotten DoorF5.0MG
King-Smith, Dick
Babe, the Gallant PigF5.6MG
A Mouse Called WolfF5.3MG
Charlie Muffin's Miracle MouseF5.3MG
Mr ApeF5.5MG
Three Terrible TrinsF5.1MG
Kjelgaard, JimSeries: Big Red
1) Big RedF5.6MG
2) Irish RedF5.8MG
3) Outlaw RedF6.6MG
Konigsburg, E.L.
ReviewThe View From SaturdayF5.9MG
Lee, Harper
To Kill a MockingbirdF5.6UG
L'Engle, Madeleine
The Austin Family Novels
1) Meet The AustinsF5.3UG
2) The Moon By NightF5.5UG
3) The Young UnicornsF6.5UG
4) A Ring of Endless LightF5.2MG
5) Troubling A StarF5.1UG
Series: The Time Quartet
1) A Wrinkle in TimeF4.7MG
2) A Wind in the DoorF5.0MG
3) A Swiftly Tilting PlanetF5.2UG
4) Many WatersF4.7UG
anything by this author
Lewis, C.S.Series: The Chronicles of Narnia
1) The Lion, The Witch and The WardrobeF5.7MG
2) Prince CaspianF5.7MG
3) The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderF5.9MG
4) The Silver ChairF5.7MG
5) The Horse and His BoyF5.8MG
6) The Magician's NephewF5.4MG
7) The Last BattleF5.6MG
Lindgren, AstridSeries: Pippi Longstocking
1) Pippi LongstockingF5.2MG
2) Pippi Goes On BoardF5.3MG
3) Pippi In the South SeasF5.4MG
Pippi Goes To SchoolF4.6LG
Pippi Goes To the CircusF4.5LG
Pippi Longstocking's After-Christmas PartyF4.7LG
Pippi's Extraordinary Ordinary DayF4.4LG
Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?PB
Lisle, Janet Taylor
Afternoon of the ElvesF5.0MG
Lofting, Hugh
The Voyages of Doctor DolittleF5.7MG
Lowry, Lois
The GiverF5.7UG
MacDonald, Betty
ReviewMrs. Piggle-WiggleF5.2MG
McGraw, Eloise
The MoorchildF5.5MG
McKillip, Patricia
The Forgotten Beasts of EldF5.8MG
Merrill, Jean
ReviewThe Toothpaste MillionaireF5.0MG
Mowat, Farley
Owls in the FamilyF5.0LG
Norton, MarySeries: The Borrowers
1) The BorrowersF5.3MG
2) The Borrowers AfieldF6.4MG
3) The Borrowers AfloatF6.0MG
4) The Borrowers AloftF6.0MG
5) The Borrowers AvengedF5.3MG
O'Dell, Scott
Island of the Blue DolphinsF5.4MG
Paterson, Katherine
Jacob Have I LovedF5.7MG
The Master PuppeteerF5.4MG
Paulsen, Gary
The HaymeadowF5.4UG
The IslandF5.7UG
2)The RiverF5.5MG
3)Brian's WinterF5.9MG
4)Brian's ReturnF5.5MG
Pierce, Tamora Series: Song of the Lioness
1) Alanna:The First AdventureF4.5UG
2) In the Hand of the GoddessF5.2UG
3) The Woman Who Rides Like a ManF5.5UG
4) Lioness RampantF5.0UG
Series: The Immortals
1) Wild MagicF4.9UG
2) Wolf-SpeakerF5.1UG
3) Emperor MageF5.8UG
4) The Realms of the GodsF5.9UG
Series: Protector of the Small
1) First TestF5.3MG
2) PageF5.4MG
3) SquireF
4) Lady Knight (coming in 2002)F
Series: Circle of Magic
1) Sandry's BookF5.5UG
2) Tris's BookF5.5UG
3) Daja's BookF5.7UG
4) Briar's BookF5.9UG
Series: The Circle Opens
1) Magic StepsF5.7UG
2) Street MagicF
Raskin, Ellen
The Westing GameF5.3MG
Roberts, KatherineSeries: The Echorium Sequence
1) Song QuestF5.3MG
2) Crystal MaskF5.4MG
3) Dark QuetzalF
Rowling, J.KSeries: Harry Potter
1) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneF5.5MG
Saint-Exupery, Antoine de
The Little PrinceF5.0MG
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Cat RunningF5.6MG
Speare, Elizabeth
The Witch of Blackbird PondF5.7MG
Steig, William
Abel's IslandF5.9MG
Stewart, Mary
A Walk in Wolf WoodF5.4UG
Stone, Jon
The Monster At the End of This Book
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Uncle Tom's CabinF9.3UG
Streatfield, Noel Series: Shoes
1) Ballet ShoesF
2) Dancing ShoesF
3) Theater ShoesF
There are 10 books in this series, most are op.
Sutcliff, Rosemary
Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad
The Eagle of the NinthF
The Lantern BearersF
The OutcastF
Taylor, Mildred D.
Roll of Thunder, Hear My CryF5.7MG
Taylor, Theodore
The CayF5.3MG
Waugh, SylviaSeries: Mennyms
1) The MennymsF5.4MG
2) Mennyms in the WildernessF5.1MG
3) Mennyms Under SiegeF5.5MG
4) Mennyms AloneF5.4MG
5) Mennyms AliveF5.6MG
Wilder, Laura IngallsSeries: Little House Books
1) Little House in the Big WoodsF5.3MG
2) Little House on the PrairieF4.9MG
3) Farmer BoyF5.2MG
4) On the Banks of Plum CreekF4.6MG
5) By the Shores of Silver LakeF5.3MG
6) The Long WinterF5.3MG
7) Little Town On the PrairieF5.4MG
8) These Happy Golden YearsF5.6MG
9) The First Four YearsF5.8MG
Wrede, PatriciaSeries: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
1)Dealing With DragonsF5.5MG
2)Searching For DragonsF5.3MG
3)Calling On DragonsF4.9MG
4)Talking To DragonsF4.6MG
Wynne-Jones, Tim
Zoom AwayF3.1LG
Yep, Laurence
Dragon's GateF5.3UG
Yolen, Jane
Wizard's HallF5.0MG
and Bruce Coville
Armageddon SummerF5.2UG

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