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Eighth Grade Reading Level

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Interest Level
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UG=Upper Grades
A=Adult Books

Alcott, Louisa May
1) Little WomenF7.9MG
2) Little MenF8.1UG
3) Jo's BoysF8.8UG
Baum, L. FrankSeries: Oz Books
Review 1) The Wizard of OzF7.0MG
2) The Land of OzF8.0MG
3) Ozma of OzF7.4MG
4) Dorothy and the Wizard of OzF
5) The Road to OzF
6) The Emerald City of OzF
7) The Patchwork Girl of OzF
8) Tik-Tok of OzF
9) The Scarecrow of OzF
10) Rinkitink in OzF
11) The Lost Princess of OzF
12) The Tin Woodman of OzF
13) The Magic of OzF
14) Glinda of OzF
Brooks, TerrySeries: Sword of Shannara
Sword of ShannaraF8.7UG
Elfstones of ShannaraF6.4UG
The Wishsong of ShannaraF6.1UG
Crane, Stephen
The Red Badge of CourageF8.0UG
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Crime and PunishmentF8.7UG
Dumas, Alexandre
The Count of Monte CristoF8.8UG
Grahame, Kenneth
The Wind in the WillowsF8.2MG
London, Jack
Call of the WildF8.0MG
Montgomery, L.M. Series: Anne of Green Gables
1) Anne of Green GablesF7.3MG
2) Anne of AvonleaF8.6MG
3) Anne of the IslandF6.3UG
4) Anne of Windy PoplarsF5.9MG
Review5) Anne's House of DreamsF6.1MG
6) Anne of InglesideF6.0MG
7) Rainbow ValleyF7.6MG
8) Rilla of InglesideF7.9MG
Chronicles of AvonleaF8.2UG
Further Chronicles of AvonleaF6.1UG
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Treasure IslandF8.3MG
Twain, Mark
The Adventures of Tom SawyerF8.1MG

2000-2004 Barbara L.M. Handley
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