Anita Hallock's Workshops and Classes

I often teach quiltmaking classes on my various techniques, those from books already published or those I am developing for a future book. I also give support to other teachers using my books.

Classes on Hot Ribbon

See Williston classes, plus the Introduction to Hot Ribbon. I keep thinking of hot new ideas for Hot Ribbon, so book your classes and we'll decide on the exact project as the time gets closer.

If your guild logo is appropriate, you might want a project of making fresh new name tags featuring your guild logo outlined in ribbon.

Classes on Potluck Appliqué

Check out this new approach to appliqué. This is the subject I am most enthusiastic about nowadays. Six people make 6 designs with 6 different fabrics all mixed up. But each student brings only one fat quarter! There's no waste, the process is fun, and you'll help free yourself from inhibitions (if that's a problem with you).


Designs can feature many different subjects so I feel a new book coming on.

Classes on Woodpile blocks

For 2003-2004, I suggest you schedule classes based on my most recent book, Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block. It features my strip-pieced Woodpile block. It's an easy way to make blocks and you have a big choice of arrangements.

Super Sixteen

Skill level: Beginner or intermediate.
Time: 3-6 hours

Sixteen blocks can be made quickly (in little more than an hour by many students, if kits are used). The remaining class time can be used to explore ways to arrange the blocks. This is a simple project, Project 1 in Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block, but advanced students will be interested in how to design with this new block. Kits are recommended.

Happy student

NEW! Check out the "Answers & Extras" pages for handouts and lots of other information on the Super Sixteen project.

Card Trick

Skill level: Beginner or intermediate.
Time: 3-6 hours

When four small Woodpile blocks are combined, they make the traditional old block, Card Trick, Project 5 in  Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block. This is a good baby quilt.
Card Trick quilt

Stitch & Flip Triangles

Skill level: Intermediate or advanced.
Time: 6 hours  (or multiple sessions to explore options)

When triangles are added to the blocks, Pinwheels emerge. Accuracy is important where eight seams come together. Project 13 in Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block would be a good class project.

 If you want to copy the quilt on the front cover of Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block, click on Bonfire quilt


Skill level: Beginner or intermediate.
Time: 3-6 hours

This looks sophisticated as a wall quilt in Southwest pastels, but it's also a great children's quilt which can be made from heavier fabrics for durability. This is Project 15 in Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block. It would be good for community service projects since a large children's quilt goes together fast.
Kachina Quilt

Projects from Fast Patch Kids' Quilts

Nine-Patch Nature Blocks

Skill level: Beginner or intermediate.
Time: 6 hours (or multiple sessions)

Learn the Fast Patch Two-Square method to make these blocks. Fish are especially popular so they would be the focus, but students can also explore other Nature Blocks shown on the Fast Patch Kids' Quilts page. Students can make as many blocks as they wish and assemble them in creative way.

Fish blocks

Betsy's Boats

Skill level: Beginner or intermediate.
Time: 6 hours (or multiple sessions if you want to add a pieced Lighthouse in the center)

Make 16 miniature (4") boats.

Scrap Quilts Using Fast Patch

Garden Path

Skill level: Beginner to Advanced
Time: 6 hours (or multiple sessions)

This a wonderful scrap quilt made of 9-patch blocksˇall squares except for a set of triangles in the center. It's economical because it's made from scraps (which can be as small as 2" x  10" or so), and it's quick because it's all strip-pieced. My traditional Fast Patch checkerboard method works great for this since the bias edges of the triangles make it easy to line up seams.

Variation: The project shown is a 48-block baby quilt or wall hanging, but the same number of triangles can be used for a 96-block twin quilt. Making half the blocks with triangles, half with eight dark squares and one light square creates a quite different look which is even more versatile. Send me an e-mail at and I'll add a picture of it to this web page.


Remote classes:

For classes that require traveling more than an hour or two, my fee is $150 for a 3-hour class, $300 for 6-hour class, plus travel expenses. Unless a program is nearby (in Western Oregon, SW Washington or Northern California) I will try to book other events for the trip so travel expenses can be divided among sponsors.

If I am not scheduled for your area, please suggest a date far enough in the future that we can build a trip around your event and suggest guilds in your area which might be interested. (I am especially easy to negotiate with on travel expenses if you are near my grandchildren in Western Massachusetts, central Colorado, and Northern Utah. I also like an excuse to visit relatives in Southern Nevada, Southern Wisconsin, and Florida. I'll count my family as one of the "sponsors" when dividing travel costs.)

Classes in Oregon:

Classes within an easy drive are negotiable. I'll teach for a percentage or hourly rate, in line with your other teachers. Occasionally my services are free (if you are doing a charity project or if students are testing new ideas for me).

Guarantee to stores:

You work hard to keep an attractive, convenient classroom and to advertise. My guarantee: You won't lose money on my class. I adjust my fees if the class doesn't fill.

If you are a teacher...

Send me an e-mail, and if I'm in town I'll share any tips on teaching that project. I continue thinking about ideas after a book is written. I learn new things from my students, just as you do, and I'll pass on anything that helps you teach my techniques.

Remember to check the "Answers & Extras" page for handouts on Woodpile quilts. I can often provide supply lists, step-by-step instructions, etc. to promote other classes.

For more information:

Please e-mail me at Meanwhile, check my Resume here at this web site.

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