Fast Patch: A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects

Probably the biggest collection of strip-pieced blocks ever assembled. Make almost any block with 45-degree angle triangles.  Written by Anita Hallock. Published by Chilton in 1989 and later distributed by Krause Publications.  Now out of print, although a few copies are available from the author.
Book: Fast Patch: A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects

This is a thick book with a nice balance of step-by-step projects and ideas for designing your own quilts. Here's a summary of what's in  Fast Patch: A Treasury Of Strip Quilt Projects:

If you haven't already done it, check my Triangles Techniques page to see how it's possible to strip-piece triangles. The Checkerboard method is featured in this book, but I'll send a free update with the Two-Square method.

Ohio Star Blocks

Chapter 4 shows how strip-pieced triangles can make Two-Color Ohio Stars. Backgrounds can be dark or light. (Another color can be added to the center square.)

Four Ohio Star blocks

Classic Ohio Stars with a third color for inner triangles are in Chapter 5. There are six different ways the triangles can be arranged. (Again, you can add new colors in the center.)
Classic Ohio Star

Sawtooth Chains and Magic Little Blocks

Christine Kamon made these quilts with blocks from the Magic Little Blocks chapter. Top: Hovering Hawks with a Sawtooth border. Bottom: Split Nine-Patch.

Two Quilts with Magic Little Blocks

I also show how make Shoofly, Maple Leaf, and a Sailboat block, among others.

Five-Patch Blocks

Five-Patch blocks (sometimes called 25-Patch) are well suited to Fast Patch. Besides giving specific projects, I give diagrams for 145 blocks on four pages like this:
Page of 5-Patch diagrams

Examples of Five Patch blocks:

5-Patch quilts

More 5-Patch blocks

To order Fast Patch: A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects:

This book is out of print, so you probably won't find copies in stores or at Krause, but I still have a few copies.  It was published in 1989 when books were thicker and prices were lower. You get 200 pages plus 16 pages of color. List price is $21.95, but I give you a $2 discount. Send $19.95, plus $3 postage to:

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