Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block

This new book by Anita Hallock was published by Krause Publications, November, 1999.

For those of you who like things spelled out, step-by-step, there are 25 projects. For those who like to make creative decisions and make something really unique, there are dozens of pages with charts and extra arrangements for planning your own projects.

Book: Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block

The "simple block" is the Woodpile block, first introduced in Scrap Quilts Using Fast Patch. Like Log Cabin, Woodpile blocks have a diagonal division between dark and light, but they are strip-pieced. If you have a copy of this book already, open it to the Illustrated glossary on page 145 as you look through this web page.

See the Woodpile page for more information, including a photo of a Log Cabin look-alike. A lot of extra insight is also given in a my self-published 40-page teacher's supplement, "Answers & Extras." You can jump to that page at any time.

Making blocks is easy. Sew dark and light strips together in pairs in just the right proportion. Cut cross sections and assemble them into blocks. See how you can strip piece a whole set of Woodpile blocks at once?

Block and panels used for making them
Finished blocks are arranged with vertical seams alternating with horizontal seams so there are few seams to line up. Blocks can be turned four ways to create a variety of designs. However, there are some specific rules to follow for the best block arrangements. "Answers & Extras" will help clarify them.

16 Blocks

Project 1 is a "Super Sixteen," a simple 16-block wall hanging to get you started. There are many black/white sketches of ways blocks can be arranged; here are just a few.  "Answers & Extras" focuses on this project, giving some class handouts you can copy and a lot of extra information.

Super 16 project

Errata. Please click here for notes about some messed-up art on page 48 or 128. In books I sell, I have stickers over the art. If you have bought the book from someone else, write to me and I'll send you a sticker. Address below.) There is also minor errors on other pages.

Blocks can have 3, 4, 5, or 6 steps. Card Trick (Project 5) has only two steps. Four blocks are combined each time.
Card Trick

Project 7 and Project 15 each have four steps arranged with lots of plain blocks.
Proj. 7 photo
Kachina Quilt

Blocks can be embellished with Stitch & Flip triangles (detail from Project 12).
Stitch & Flip quilt

You can make one of 25  projects following step-by-step directions. Or design your own quilt, choosing from the dozens of arrangements in the  "Anita's Sketchbook"  pages.

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New Pattern available May, 2003!

Don't like deciding among 25 projects and hundreds of alternate arrangements?  Teaching a class but don't want to require the purchase of a book?

Here's the answer for you. I took the most popular version of the Woodpile block (not the easiest, but the prettiest, in most people's opinion), the Stitch & Flip Pinwheels quilt, similar to "Housewarming," Project 12 on page 39. I did calcuations for a 48-block size, about 45" x 57", or larger if you use wider borders.

It's prettiest if the triangles extend into the first border to form Pinwheels there too, so that's the version I feature. But I also include a "simplified version" with fewer triangles.

For those who want a larger quilt, I also did calculations for a 60-block Twin Throw, again both the fancier version and the simplified version. So you have four projects to choose from! These calculations are not in the book.

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