Fast Patch Kids Quilts

By Anita Hallock and Betsy Hallock Heath, 1996, color throughout, distributed by Krause Publishing.

Fast Patch Kids' Quilts Book

Fast Patch Kids' Quilts features two basic types of projects to make for or with your "Favorite Little Person:"

A cute yellow "Smiley Patch" shows steps kids can do. There's a Jiffy Quilt many kids can piece by themselves. Betsy's Boat is really specialˇa block kids can make and a picture block. (There are no seams to line up!)
Boat block with Smiley Patch 

Chapter 6 has Nine-Patch Nature blocks

Choose from Small (3-3/4") blocks or Large (5-1/2") blocks. Some blocks need to be embellished with buttons, embroidery, etc. Shown here are Flowers, Butterfly, Maple Leaf, and Songbird.
Nature Blocks

The most popular Nine-Patch Nature blocks are the Fish.
Fish Blocks

I show two ways to make the Nature blocks and other triangle blocks:

Chapter 7 features Toy blocks for a Playroom Quilt

Make a bookcase full of the toys your Favorite Little Person chooses. All are cut with the rotary cutter and pieced with straight seams, and only one block needs templates. (Bet you can't tell which one!) Arrange blocks in any order and fill up the rest of the space with "Books." Embellish the blocks with buttons, iron-on letters, yarn, or whatever you wish. Your Favorite Little Person will have a special wall quilt unlike any other quilt in the world.

 Playroom Quilt

To order Fast Patch Kids' Quilts:

The book lists for $22.95. To order at a $3 discount, send $19.95, plus $3 postage to:

Tell me how you would like the book autographed.

To order with a credit card at regular price, use Krause's web page,

Free when you order from me:
A fun 8-1/2" x 11" poster warning, "No Bare Feet Allowed."  This was designed especially for people whose friends and family step on pins and needles.
Poster: Caution: Quilt Construction. No Bare Feet Allowed

Also free

Instructions for an alternate way to make 16 miniature (4") Betsy's Boats. This version isn't in the book. (When a book is published, I don't stop thinking about the projects.) If you ask, I'll include the full size drawing for a pieced Lighthouse to go in the center of the quilt. People usually have to send $2 for this.

Boat block, plus border of 16 boats

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