Anita Hallock's Quilting Update

Welcome to my web site! I am Anita Hallock of Springfield, Oregon, author of quilt books published by Krause Publishing. This site was updated July, 2003.  Please tell your friends about it, and pass on your suggestions to me at Let me know if you'd like to be on the mailing list for my e-mail newsletter.


I develop interesting alternatives to traditional quiltmaking. Instead of cutting and sewing hundreds of pieces of fabric, we work with strips and use assembly-line techniques. Click on a technique you'd like to see. [Material for my Tumbling Blocks weaving program Foxy Blocks is pretty much sold out, so I'm not including that.]

I'll be glad to send books directly to you, but please send your check first since I don't take credit cards.  I autograph, give discounts and include free goodies. I will also send wholesale orders if I have sufficient inventory. Choose the title you are interested in: To order Krause books with a credit card, use their web page,

I often do lectures and slide shows for quilt guilds or other groups.

I also teach hands-on classes for stores, quilt guilds, recreation departments, etc. Check Workshops for class descriptions. For three days of classes on the Oregon coast, go to Retreats.

If you would like to take a class in my techniques from a local teacher, please send me an e-mail at I'll refer you to a local teacher, if I know of one.

Teaching aids
If you are a quilt teacher, I encourage you to teach my techniques in your own area. Let me know of your plans. Send an e-mail to I may be able to create a customized flyer or supply list for you or refer students to you.

I have a new 40-page book called "Answers & Extras" for teachers of techniques in my Sizzling Quilts... book.. I am giving you much of the information here on this web site.

Every June Nancy Foisy and I sponsor a 3-day Oregon Coast Quiltmaking Retreat. Some years we also retreat in October to beautiful western Massachusetts. My daughter, Betsy Hallock Heath, lives in the Berkshires and helps with that event. Please check out my Retreats page.

Unfortunately, there are minor errors in Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block. Please check Errata for corrections. Please notify me of mistakes you find.


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