"Answers & Extras" teacher's booklet

Anita Hallock's 40-page booklet gives extra information about Woodpile quilt blocks. Planned for teachers, it's great for anyone who owns Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block. Focus is on 16-block arrangements, the Super Sixteen project. This web page includes free stuff you can print out right now!

An ideal beginning quilt class

This booklet gives a Super Sixteen project slightly different than the one in Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block. Students make 8 blocks of one color scheme and 8 of another (shown on page 20 of the big book).  It's easy to make kits, blocks are quick to sew, and every student can put blocks together in a different arrangement.

Since a set of 16 blocks takes only one strip of each fabric, make up kits with 14  pre-washed strips. Even if kits are identical, there can be a big variety of designs. This web page has free help in choosing fabrics for kits. See page 151-153 in Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block, or send me an e-mail for more ideas on cutting strips for kits.

Free material you can print out now:

Many pages in "Answers & Extras" can be legally photocopied for class use. While waiting for your printed copy to arrive, check out the material on this web page. (I'll show some of the art in color, but it's in black and white in the booklet.)

"Answers & Extras" uses a Question and Answer format.

Q. Do I need to know all this stuff to make Woodpile quilts?

A. No. The only rules to start:

Make your blocks and play with arrangements. Just have fun! But if you want to teach classes or if you really like to understand new ideas and how everything fits together, you'll love "Answers & Extras." Woodpile blocks are different from any other blocks, and there's a whole science to designing with them!
Q. What's the best project to learn Woodpile blocks?

A. Super Sixteen.  Click Page 3, 4 and 5 for a class handout will help you make your sample and plan your first class while waiting for your copy of "Answers & Extras" to arrive. (The booklet will give you much nicer copies than these pages.)

Q. How do I get a good color scheme? Q.  What if I use high contrast fabric? Q. Do I really have to make a test block?
Q.  What if I mess up the Dark A squares? Q. Which arrangement should I use? Q. What shall I do with four extra blocks? Discard them? Q. How can I make a bigger quilt? Q. What if I can't turn a block the way I want? Q.  How do you make Reverse blocks? Q. What are the best arrangements with Reverse blocks? Q. How do I pick borders? Should I copy the pages and cut windows? Q. Why can't borders on pages 49 and 128 be used with designs on pages 44 and 123? Q. How do special color effects work on designs with Reverse blocks? Q. How do I know how many Regular and  how many Reverse blocks to make? Q. Can I change my mind and make a different quilt?
Q. Can I make a Kachina quilt from 16-block kits?
Q. Can I make a Stitch & Flip quilt from these 16-block kits? Q.  What's the best quilting pattern? Q. How can I design my own arrangement?

To order "Answers & Extras"

"Answers & Extras" (40  pages, 8-1/2" x 11") is $12, including a plain copy of "Best Borders." A laminated "Best Borders" sheet with the windows already cut out is $5. Get the book plus the overlay for $15, saving $2.00. Send payment to Anita Hallock, 70 North 21st, Springfield, OR 97477. Include $1.50  postage.

Do you have to be a teacher to buy "Answers & Extras"?

No. It's a great supplement to Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block.About half the people who buy it are not teachers. (Hint to teachers: When your students see your book, they may want their own, so order copies on consignment for them. Contact me at hallock@pacinfo.com for prices.)
My teacher's list...

Let me know if you are teaching my techniques, especially if you are using "Answers & Extras." I'll answer questions online or by e-mail, and notify you of new materials as they are available.

Interested in teaching Stitch & Flip classes?

Another popular Woodpile project is Stitch & Flip (similar to Project 13 or the project on the front cover). Please contact me at hallock@pacinfo.com if you are interested in teaching it. I will provide camera-ready handouts for teachers using Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block.I  also have patterns you can purchase to resell to students, if you prefer.