Future books

When Fast Patch: A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects went out of print, we decided not to publish a revised version but to expand the information into several books, including some blocks from Scrap Quilts Using Fast Patch, which is also out of print. Tentative titles for the new books:

Sawtooth Blocks and Borders
Penny Blocks and Puzzles
Stars and Pinwheels
Quarters and Bars
These future books will feature speed-pieced triangles made with my Two-square method.

As always, I welcome your ideas and invite you to test the project directions before they are published. Please e-mail hallock@pacinfo.com for more information.

Scroll down for an idea of what each book will contain:

Sawtooth Blocks and Borders

The book I am writing now is about Sawtooth chains, and I'm excited about it. It's an expansion of Chapter 6 in Fast Patch: A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects. Sawtooth chains can be used in dozens of blocks and make wonderful borders.

People have asked for ways to expand small quilts into big ones. Adding one Sawtooth border after another is ideal for that. In this example, you can use an interesting block in the center and add a Sawtooth border. You can stop at stage 1 for a small wall hanging, or you can continue adding borders until the quilt is as large as you want.

Want to be a test pilot?

If you want to test ideas for Sawtooth Blocks and Borders, please write me at hallock@pacinfo.com for more information. I will probably e-mail you a detailed outline with pictures of many projects and you can pick one you want to try.

Send me snapshots of your projects and ideas

I will also substitute better projects suggested by readers, so send me a snapshot (attachment to e-mail okay) of a beautiful or interesting Sawtooth project you have made or someone else has made.

Penny Blocks and Puzzles

This book will feature blocks from Chapter 7 of Fast Patch: A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects and Chapter 7 of Scrap Quilts Using Fast Patch. I have given the name "Penny blocks" to small blocks in overall designs (such as Garden Path from Scrap Quilts Using Fast Patch).


"Puzzles" include new designs formed when blocks are placed adjacent to each other.


"Puzzles"  also include tessellations such as Milky Way. I need more tessellation ideas, so your suggestions are welcome!


Ohio Stars and Pinwheels

The Ohio Star is one of the all-time favorite blocks with quitters. This book will expand the ideas in Chapter 4 and 5 of Fast Patch: A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects. I'll include many different color combinations.

Feathered Star is an embellished Ohio Star which is very popular:

But Stars aren't the only thing you'll find in this book. When Ohio Star triangles are arranged differently they form Pinwheels.

Or overall designs or borders:


Quarters and Bars

The Five-Patch blocks in Chapter 8 of Fast Patch: A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects will be included, plus larger blocks which follow the same pattern: four quarters connected by center bars and a center square.

I'll give at least three sizes of blocks: 5-Patch, 7-Patch, and 9-Patch.

Within each size there are hundreds of possible designs. I'll pick out the most satisfying and give you a huge collection of different blocks. See pages 149-151 in Fast Patch: A Treasury ... for a sampling. Imagine diagrams like that for 7-Patch and 9-Patch too. Possibiliites are truly endless.

Your input is welcome.

I welcome your feedback about my book plans. Let me know if you have a quilt to share or want to be a "test pilot."

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