It's probably impossible to write a complicated book without some errors creeping in.  Sometimes we authors just agonize or hope nobody has a project messed up. I tend to put stickers on things until the next printing corrects the problem. I'll do my best to clue you in to mistakes that have come to my attention.

Sizzling Quilts from a Simple Block (1st printing)

I did hundreds of drawings, about three times twice as many as the editor expected, I think. That's good for the reader because I illustrate everything thoroughly and give lots of ideas. It was a headache for the page designer though, and a few pieces of art were messed up.

Page 48:

Page 128: Stickers are available Page 101  Page 33 Fast Patch Kids Quilts

Page 84 - Telephone block

Page 85 - Dinosaur block Fast Patch: A Treasury of Strip Quilts Scrap Quilts Using Fast Patch Please send me an e-mail to me at to ask questions or point out other errors.