Our refurbished used booths and phone inventory constantly changes. We have limited supplies of antique wooden collectible booths, British cast iron originals (and wooden replicas), and other metal exterior booths. The generic 50's style Western Electric aluminum and glass booths are available in aluminum or powder coated color finishes and include: bi-fold door, directory shelf, and light, when in stock.

Red British Telephone Booth
Please call for more information. The cast iron British booths weigh just under 2,000 lbs. The original British cast iron K-6 is $8,000.00, not including freight.

Aluminum and Glass Telephone Booth
Out of stock. We recommend our superior aluminum powder coat Centurion custom metal booth. All booths shipped fully assembled in protective packaging. The Centurion is available in a flat or pyramid roof option.

Wooden Western Electric With Seat
The refurbished 1950 era wooden Western Electric booths are 31" x 83" ($2,695.00) . Refurbished vintage booths include seat, directory shelf, phone bracket, light, fan and vintage Bell advertisement & frame. Western Electric pay phones start at $400.00 with a 1 year warranty. This includes an armored handset cord, 3 coin slot, and ringer for incoming calls. The 1930 Western Electric era and earlier antique telephone booths vary in price.

Western Electric

British Booth ($8,000.00)
Please call for more information.
$450.00 with color option
$425.00 with touch pad
Please call for our 3-slot coin pay telephone designs, options, and current pricing. Automatic Electric and Western Electric 3 coin slot pay telephones are available in a variety of configurations (home extension or business use). The standard black rotary dial pay phones start at $400.00, with a one year warranty. Custom pay phone colors and touch tone pads are available options. These fully operational rotary dial or touch tone phones come equipped with updated phone cords that plug into modern phone jacks.
Early Antique Oak Booths and Antique Styled Booths
Limited quantities, please call for pricing and availability.
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