EPS custom telephone booths feature:

  • ADA Compliant Door Closer (10 year warranty)
  • Easy Maintenance, Powdercoated Surfaces
  • Exterior or Interior Design
  • Fixed Floor Booth Base Anchor Plate
  • Patent-Pending Adjustable Booth Leveling Corner Posts
  • Quality Hardware and Security System Fasteners
  • Single Booth or Multiple Booth Designs
  • Stainless Steel Directory Shelf
  • Top, Bottom, and Floor Base Plate Access (phone line/AC)
  • Twin Bulb and Ballast Custom Energy Saving Lighting
  • Booth Orders are Paid by Certified Funds, VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.
  • Multiple Booth Discounts Available
  • Fully Assembled Booth Weight: Approximately 450 lbs.
  • Booths are shipped freight collect or prepaid, if taking advantage of our prepaid freight shipping discounts.
  • All EPS Custom Telephone Booths are fully assembled and enclosed in a custom powdercoated booth frame, which includes: standard pyramid or flat roof option, ceiling, adjustable corner posts, independent floor base, (optional graphics) telephone font sign and frame header, polished stainless steel shelf, phone hanging bracket, and phone mounting plate. We provide the directory hanging shelf. No directory holder is provided, due to the numerous preferences, configurations, and variety of directory sizes.

    Lighting is provided by an UL energy efficient fixture, complete with 13 watt bulbs and ballasts. Our EPS (patent-pending) booth corner posts are adjustable for leveling. The booth does not require a level surface for installation. Our wheel chair accessible booth utilizes an ADA (American Disabilities Act) door closer (10 year warranty.) We adjust the door closer during booth assembly. We recommend all booths be shipped fully assembled for ease of installation.

    EPS booths are provided with three options for wiring power (light fixture) and the phone line. The booth may be wired:

    1. Through the booth floor base conduit access port.
    2. Above the floor base (lower, right rear corner post conduit knock outs).
    3. Directly below roof line (top, right rear corner post conduit knock outs).

    Installation instructions, door closer wrench and ("Centurion") glass setting maintenance tools are included.
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