The Bear Factory
Oregon's Most Realistic Bear Carvings

The Bear Factory creates the most realistic chainsaw bear carvings in existence.  Up close and personal is the best way to enjoy our bears, but this page will show you a sample of what we can create for you! welcomebear.jpg (9900 bytes)

Right now, I'm making over 100 different sizes and types of wood carvings.  This makes it very difficult to price items for this web page.I can create any type, shape, angle or size you need.  Just drop me an email or give me a call and I can quote you a price. (The average piece sells for about $200 to $300.) Copy of mantlebearcloseup.gif (16056 bytes)

All carvings are appearance guaranteed.

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The Bear Factory
37516 Highway 58
Pleasant Hill OR 97455


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