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The PacInfo Website Design Process

The professional design team at PacInfo specializes in the art of innovative Website design. By developing high-impact visual themes that invite and guide your Website visitors, our site designs feel so familiar that they soon forget they are even navigating. All of our site designs feature clear typography, balanced use of color, effective use of white space and high production values. When you take these elements of design and combine them, the whole is always greater than the sum. Simply said, our Websites are as easy on the eyes as they are easy to use.

The Design Process at PacInfo is divided into four basic steps. Let's take a look at each of these steps.

Step One: Strategy and Information Design

The Design Process begins with "think tank" meetings between your company and our design team. At these meetings, we work together to develop a strategy for accomplishing the goals you have set for your Internet presence. The goal of these sessions is to help the design team understand your objectives — and based on that knowledge, to help identify the basic structure and content that your Website will contain. The PacInfo design team knows from experience that understanding the nature of your business is equally important to the actual design process. The better we understand who and what your company is all about, the better we are able to capture that "essence" and incorporate it into the Website design. It is also important for us to gain an understanding of your targeted audience; through the use of any data you might provide and via other resources we have at our disposal. Most importantly, we listen to you describe your vision of what you want your Website to be and carefully catalog all of this information for later use in the Design Process.

Once we completely understand and have defined the purpose and goals for your Website, we turn our focus to Information Design. During this step we ensure that the content you have provided us is structured in a logical and intuitive manner, that is to say, "Website-friendly." Easy navigation and quick access to specific information or tools are essential qualities for a successful Website. No matter how vital your information is, if users cannot find it, they probably will not be coming back. Our design team establishes the intelligence of your site's structure by analyzing and organizing your content, and mapping it to enhance your site's key messages and functionality.

Step Two: Design Development

The Design Development step is where the design team begins working their magic with the creation of the user interface, page layout, choices in typefaces and graphics. The first impression your Website makes on a visitor is usually based on how it looks. Certainly the depth and relevance of the content on your Website will have people coming back to your site again and again, but do not underestimate the power of a great Website design. During the Design Development step, we will meet to review several Website home page "mockups" that we have prepared for your review. Upon your approval of any one of the mockups, we'll refine that design and begin rendering the programming that makes it a real working page.

Step Three: Technical Development

Once you are satisfied with the selected design, we begin the process of producing the Website. This is where we take the selected design and begin the task of building the pages, integrating the graphics, technology and content. Writing for the Internet requires both creative and technical skills. Strong editorial support often means the difference between a cookie-cutter type run-of-the-mill Website — and a professional, clean Website that displays crisply and intelligently. At this point in the process, our design team will revisit and analyze the flow of content for your Website project. If required, we are prepared to author additional material or tailor the information already provided us, making it even more attractive, interactive and Web ready. The design team at PacInfo captures the essence of your messages with effective, engaging communications that are finely tuned to the unique advantages of the Web.

Step Four: Implementation

After your Website has been designed, programmed and previewed on our internal servers, we work with you to ensure a smooth hand-off to your production web server. Because the Internet is a constantly evolving medium, and because your business is sure to change and respond to the needs of your Website visitors, we have anticipated that need by designing every Website we are involved with to be adaptable for new features and pages at any time. The design team at PacInfo will insure that the architecture of your Website is manageable and dovetails neatly with your existing resources.

After your Website has been successfully launched to the public, we will register your Website with the most popular Internet Search Engines and Link Listing Services. This will increase the chances of potential customers finding your Website. Additional marketing strategies are available as well, just click here to see the many options we have available to offer you!

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