How to set up your e-mail account using Outlook Express for MacOS:
  1. Within Outlook Express, click on the Preferences icon.
  2. Click the New Account button.
  3. Type in a name for the new mail account. For example, if you were setting up an e-mail address for sales enquiries, you'd type in Sales. Ensure that POP is selected. Click OK.
  4. Now enter the following settings in the Preferences folder:

    Full Name:     The name of the recipient. E.g. Fred Smith
    E-mail address:
    Organization:     The name of your company (Optional) E.g. Smith, Smith & Smith Co. Ltd.
    SMTP Server:
    Account ID:     Your username. E.g. john if your e-mail address is
    POP Server:

    Save Password:     Your account password. (Check the Save Password box.)
  5. To set this mail account as the default so your e-mail address is displayed on any outgoing e-mails you send, click the Make Default button. (You change the default account any time by clicking on the Preferences icon, selecting the required Mail Account and clicking Make Default.)
  6. Click OK.

Setting up a News Account
  1. Within Outlook Express, click on the Preferences Icon and select Select News in menu on the left of the Preferences window.
  2. Click on the New Server Button and in the dialog button that appears, type in Pacinfo News and click on the OK button.
  3. Enter in the Server Address box.
  4. Make sure This Server requires Authentication is unchecked. Click OK.
  5. Select Get complete news list from the View menu.

Note: you will have to establish a dial-up connection before attempting to send/receive e-mail.