How to create a dial up connection to PacInfo using the Connection Wizard on Windows 95/98:
  1. To start the wizard, click on the Start button and select Run and type in inetwiz then click OK. It looks like this:

  2. After the wizard starts it asks how you connect. Select Connect using my phone line and click Next.

  3. On the next screen enter the phone number 762-7762 and click Next.

  4. Enter your username and password. The username is all lowercase and the password needs to be the correct case since it is case sensitive.

  5. The next window will show the connection name and allow you to change it. Edit the name so it says something like Connection to PacInfo so you can identify what it is when you are looking at the dial-up networking connections. Click Next.

  6. The next screen asks if you want to set up an e-mail account now. Say No if you just wanted to change your dialup. Click here for instructions on setting up your mail account.
  7. Click Finish to connect to the Internet.
You should now be able to establish a connection to PacInfo.