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We've provided a sampling from our portfolio which covers everything from Static to Dynamic eCommerce Websites. Enjoy!

OK Weber

OK Weber has been offering products for the Competition Shooter for over 30 years. Otto Weber has been shooting NRA high power for over 40 years. We have had a store at Camp Perry during the High Power Phase for the last 25 years. We have tried many products during this time and have a good feel for what works and what may not.


(From the manufacturer) InnerPure is a natural herbal supplement that has been scientifically extracted and processed to invigorate the spleen and kidneys, resulting in a healthy discharge of toxins. Through the synergistic action of eight herbs, InnerPure provides an all-natural means of cleansing toxins from the body.

Food Industries Credit Union

Food Industries Credit Union is a full service financial institution that serves employees of food related industries. A not-for-profit group, FICU has been in existence since 1963 and now has over 8,000 members, with branches in Eugene and Salem.



GoGlo.com is an online store featuring the Orange Glo Northwest products. Orange Glo, Oxi Clean and Orange Clean are just a few of the environmentally friendly products for home and personal use that are offered on this site. PacInfo streamlined the process of updating inventory with the addition of an administration area. This is a special password protected area of the site that allows the owners to make changes from the web.


DenimWear.com features TryItOnNow, the online fitting room! This unique service to shoppers helps with ordering the correct sizes by creating a virtual body. You can definitely try before you buy on this online store. Also check out the Secret Shopper program, you could win cash prizes! PacInfo built an administration area into this site to give the owners complete inventory control, right from the web.

The Tractor Market

Tractormarket.com is the B2C (Business-to-Consumer) division for McCarty Sales — the best place to find a great deal on a used agricultural equipment. Tractormarket.com has an established industry reputation as an innovator — having been in business for over their 30+ years. Their network includes hundreds of dealers and resellers throughout North America, enabling them to reach an audience and deliver a level of satisfaction second-to-none.

Website customers looking to buy equipment are presented the opportunity to check out Tractormarket.com's listings, make offers to purchase the equipment and even to list equipment of their own that they wish to sell with Tractormarket.com as the broker! Features include the ability to upload photographs of the equipment the Consumer desires to sell, along with descriptions of the merchandise and contact information. The resulting information is then passed into a server-side database that dynamically generates sorted listings for other customers who visit the site.

The Gun Works

The Gun Works Muzzleloading Emporium is owned and operated by Joe and Suzi Williams and is located in the heart of the beautiful Willamette Valley in downtown Springfield, Oregon. Joe brings more than 40 years of experience in muzzle loading to his customers. Suzi adds 15+ years of experience to The Gun Works, taking charge of the paper side of the operations. The philosophy of The Gun Works is a solid commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Joe and Suzi work hard to treat people as they would like to be treated. It was this commitment to excellence that led The Gun Works to choose PacInfo as the developer of their B2C (Business-to-Consumer) Website.

With an inventory of well over 1,500 unique products, PacInfo converted The Gun Works entire print catalog to a completely interactive database-base driven Website. Built into the Website is a complete and definitive Administrator interface that allows The Gun Works to log on at any time and add, remove, modify and otherwise completely control the entire operation of their Website. Pictures of products are uploaded via an easy-to-use interface and specials sales, announcements and other unique features are just a simple mouse click or two away from being posted on the Web in real-time.

Pennington Crossarms

Founded in 1952, Pennington Crossarm Company is the world's leading supplier of distribution and transmission crossarms. Pennington Crossarm Company is headquartered in its 80,000 square foot facility in Eugene, Oregon, with a second 22,000 square foot plant in Holly Hill, South Carolina. The Pennington Crossarm sawmills in Oregon and South Carolina make them the only crossarm producer able to insure the quality and supply of it's raw material. In the past few years, Pennington has anticipated the changing business climate and has enthusiastically embraced the B2B (Business-to-Business), eCommerce, supply chain, strategic sourcing, eAuctions as well as many other strategies to stay competitive in to today's marketplace.

Pennington's methods of getting crossarms to the end user are changing but the same high quality of our products is not. This B2B Website is designed to serve specific companies and vendors within its industry, allowing Pennington Crossarm customers to log on to their secure area of the site and request quotes, check shipping status, track product delivery and more. The Website is designed to expand dynamically as their reach grows, via a well-designed database and a clear understanding of what their customers needs will be in the future.

Oregon AutoMart

People have cars to sell as often as people want to buy cars. Many times, the problem with matching those people together is knowing where to go to find the deal the seller/buyer is offering. That's where Oregon AutoMart fits in. Oregon AutoMart is a database-driven Website that allows people selling and/or looking for an automobile to create a listing via an easy-to-use interface and then post that data to the searchable index. Other people who visit the site can then search the database by a wide variety of criteria, i.e.: model, make, year, mileage, price, extras, geographical location and much more.

Not only is Oregon AutoMart an excellent place for the individual to sell a car, it is also a great resource for dealers who want to post multiple vehicles. The database is dynamic and the results of the searches requested will fill the screen based on the most likely matches. A key advantage of operating a Website like Oregon AutoMart is that it requires very little maintenance to keep the site fresh and online.


The PreaCenter Website is a targeted services site catering to Real Estate agents looking for a unique gift to present their clients upon the successful purchase of a new home. Preacenter petroglyphs are carved on 17,000 to 35,000 year old igneous rock from the Cascade Mountain Range. PreaCenter stones are carefully chosen by their artisans to match the nature of the design to be applied, then meticulously hand crafted and finished in a multi-step, multifaceted process that has taken years of research and development to perfect.

Given the nature of the targeted market PreaCenter serves, a database-driven eCommerce Website was developed. Visitors to the Website are able to purchase custom engraved stones, plaques, tiles and mugs via a secure shopping cart mechanism that is managed by a server-side database. The Website owner administers the site by logging on and adding, removing, modifying and otherwise completely controlling the entire operation of their pages. With over one hundred designs and hundreds of custom variables available to the Website visitor, PreaCenter manages their online catalogs easily, efficiently and effectively with the easy-to-use Administration interface built into their site.


Within the last several months, our team of web developers have been hard at work designing a completely new, updated version of PacInfo's Website. Our goal was to create a stable web environment for our members to use as a resource, gateway, and homepage. In the older version of PacInfo, information was a bit cluttered, out-of-date and took a while to find. The new site incorporates ease of use and navigation along with faster loads for images and information. The design of the site was based on user comments and suggestions from the past several years. Identifying the need for a unique "look and feel", our design team began the authoring process via many long brainstorming meetings and flowchart sessions.

Given that there are many types of browsers, operating systems and platforms out in the Internet world today, we chose to use PHP code embedded within the opening page. The PHP detects the type of browser, platform and operating system being used and then feeds the appropriately formatted pages to the site visitor's computer. Javascript is also used to open separate windows for viewing links outside of the PacInfo, so they may return to us easily after their external session is completed. Cascading Style Sheets are also used throughout the site, allowing us to compact our pages and have greater control over the formatting and display.

USA NutraSource, Inc.

One of the world's largest herbal extractors and cultivators of botanical products, USA NutraSource manufactures over 40 standardized extracts. On-line customers can receive information on all products offered by USA NutraSource® from the Product Request link on the website.
Kalen Electric and Machinery Co.

Kalen Electric, serving Oregon industries since 1941, offers a broad range of electric motor products and services including 24 X 7 emergency sales and service. Among the many features included on the Kalen website is a motor anatomy and glossary tool.
United Industrial Equipment Corp.

United Industrial has been serving Oregon since 1977. Offering top-quality pressure washing equipment, parts washing systems and wastewater recovery systems made by Landa® has made United Industrial a leading supplier of industrial equipment in the Pacific Northwest.
Poage Engineering & Surveying

Poage Engineering, originating in Eugene, Oregon in 1974, is a full-service civil engineering and surveying company. Poage specializes in commercial and residential land developement, design of on-site sewer and water facilities, municipal engineering, project management, and all types of topographic and boundary surveys using both total stations and GPS equipment.

Stow-n-tow Bikeracks offers great solutions for bringing recreation to the great outdoors. Whether you're a bike, ski, snowboard, or boat enthusiast, Stow-n-tow makes top quality and affordable racks and towing devices to suit your recreational needs.
Alpine Mortgage of Oregon, Inc.

Alpine Mortgage of Oregon offers a full range of financial information and stress-free customer services via the Internet. This website features a secure on-line loan application and rate watcher allowing customers to request current loan rates on-line.
The Waddell Organization Inc.

A national Risk Management and consulting firm, the Waddell Organization provides a broad range of services with special expertise in Wrap-Up insurance programs for public works projects. The Waddell website offers a rich informational base for on-line consumers interested in what wrap-up services are and why they are important.
Roaring Rapids Pizza Co.

Roaring Rapids Pizza, located along the Willamette River, is a terrific choice for your family or group activity. From the Roaring Rapids Pizza website you can view a full menu of items available at the restaurant or by delivery. On-line consumers can view a photo tour of the restaurant, find out information about special offers and checkout the Camp Putt recreational facility located on-site.
The following Websites were created for our Korean-speaking friends and require the Korean international font set for proper viewing. Instructions for viewing Websites that are written in Korean can be found here.

Korean Presbyterian Church of Eugene

The Korean Presbyterian Church of Eugene serves the Korean-American community living in the Southern Willamette Valley. With the unique needs of the congregation it serves, a Website authored in the Korean language was determined necessary. The Korean Presbyterian Church of Eugene Website is updated frequently to reflect their continuing goals and missions, all by the development team at PacInfo. The playful logo montage created by PacInfo for the Website represents the church focus on family and community. Within the Website, you'll find links for a calendar of announcements, directions to the church, news of happenings at the church and more.


The k88 Website is a virtual clearinghouse of information for both Korean and Korean-American visitors. k88 is a database-driven online community Website featuring many categories of interest to its wide audience, including; Interactive Community Forums, Family Locator area for finding missing relatives from postwar Korea, Employee/Employer Matching services, Classified Advertising, Investing information, Real Estate information, United States Tax information, US Immigration Law information, Educational Opportunities and Yellow Page Advertising. K88 serves a wide spectrum of people and enjoys great popularity among its target audience. Be sure to visit this site if you want to see a great implementation of a non-English language site developed by PacInfo.

Love Connection

LoveConnection is yet another example of a great non-English language database-driven Website serving a targeted community. LoveConnection allows Korean-speaking visitors to register into the database as members and then post personal advertisements stating what type of person and relationship they are looking for. The person who registers is at all times protected; that is, their true email address is never revealed on the message boards. After a member posts their profile with interests and requirements, any other member may respond to the advertisement. When the initial poster receives a reply, they are given the contact information for the person who has replied to their ad and have the option of making contact on their own, or continuing a dialogue from within the protected area of LoveConnection. LoveConnection has been featured in Korean media as a "must visit" Website.

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