Receive Important Email On Your Wireless Devices
Simply, Inexpensively and Immediately

With the Email-to-Wireless Assistant you can receive important email messages on any of your text-enabled wireless devices. Messages are sent via your existing email account, no need for multiple, confusing addresses. Messages follow you to your existing wireless device(s), no need to buy a special device. You decide which email you want to receive on which device, you're never bothered with unwanted email. Email is delivered wirelessly to your regular inbox so you never miss a message. The Email-to-Wireless Assistant is the simple, anytime- anywhere messaging service.

The Most Economical Wireless Messaging
The Wireless Email Assistant  does not require you to purchase new wireless devices. It  supports any wireless device capable of receiving text messages including pagers, cell phones, WAP-enabled phones, wireless PDAs, and more. You need to check with your wireless carrier to make sure your wireless device is text-enabled and for any charges they may bill you for receiving text messages.

You Decide Which Email Are Delivered to Which Device by:

  • Keyword and Phrases - Specify words like "ASAP", "urgent", "call me now", or "Contract is complete" and these messages will be delivered to your wireless device immediately
  • Sender - List specific email addresses from your friends and family,co-workers, or customers and you will receive these messages anytime-anywhere you specify
  • Priority- Have messages marked as a high priority delivered to your wireless device
The Most Convenient anytime anywhere service
  • Messages from specific senders can be delivered to specific wireless devices
  • You can define 'quiet time' when you won't be disturbed
  • Only one email address to maintain for all your messaging needs
  • Wireless Email Assistant provides hassle-free, anytime-anywhere access to critical information.
For Wireless Email Assistant pricing and activation information, please contact PacInfo at 541-344-5006

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