General Questions
Virus Protection Assistant

Is Virus Protection Assistant up-to-date on its virus definitions?
Yes. Virus Protection Assistant updates virus definitions continuously. Not only will virus scanning of malicious email viruses prove extremely valuable to you, but it also saves valuable time by scanning messages behind the scenes. You are only notified when a virus is found in a message. Virus Protection Assistant utilizes technology from Trend Micro, the leader in server-based virus scanning and stays current with virus definitions and updates.

Trend Micro has a worldwide virus-monitoring network, which continuously looks for new viruses and subtle changes in old ones so that virus definitions stay current.

How does Postini notify me that virus-infected email has been detected?
You are notified immediately via email when an infected virus is detected in an email message. From the Message Center, you can safely review the infected email text.

How do I get Virus Protection Assistant for my Pacinfo Email?
Your Pacinfo Email is automatically protected by the Virus Protection Assistant. If you do not have an account with PacInfo and you would like to sign up, call us at 541-344-5006.