• The New York Times reports that Spam "has been annoying Internet users for years. But in the last three months, spam has spiked."   Dec. 24, 2001

  • "Everybody is saying they're getting more spam. Once we plug one hole, many more seem to open." Les Seagraves, Chief Privacy Officer for a national ISP.

  • In early 2001, the European Union released a study that estimates the annual cost of junk email to be $8 billion worldwide!


Do you spend time deleting unwanted spam every time you read your email? Are you losing messages you really want because the filters in your email program are too limited? Do you spend time downloading your "new mail" only to find there isn't even one message you actually want? Are you offended by the subject line, or the content of pornographic spam? Are you so tired of "special offers" and "Get-Rich-Quick" schemes that you could just scream?

Save your time and your sanity! Sign up for Postini Junk Email Assistant and start blocking offensive and annoying spam immediately! Rid your PacInfo mailbox of Spam and stop downloading email you don't want. The longer you use the service, the more accurate the service becomes; the filters intelligently adapt and become increasingly more accurate - up to 95% accurate!! Sign up today.

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The Only Spam Blocker Controlled by You!!
Prevent Unsolicited Bulk Email From Ever Reaching Your Computer

Spam wastes your valuable time! Time downloading and time reading the spam. And, perhaps more importantly, Spam is annoying.

Spam does not have to waste your time or annoy you any more. The Junk Email Assistant prevents email from ever reaching your computers. You do not have to install new software to be automatically protected, all you have to do is contact PacInfo to set up the Junk Email Assistant on your PacInfo email account.

The Junk Email Assistant is the best anti-spam solution available.

You are In control
It is the only spam blocker that puts you in control. You define exactly what level of protection you want, and what is spam and what isn't. You don't have to rely on some anonymous “spam cop” to censor your email.

You decide what is spam and what isn't. You will have your own, password-protected Message Center with an easy to use interface that allows you to adjust filter settings from lenient to aggressive, select the type of email you want blocked (Get Rich Quick, Sexually Explicit, Special Offers, and Racially Insensitive), and to “approve” or “block” specific senders or entire domains.

Never a lost email
Suspicious email are quarantined in your web-based message center and you are periodically notified when suspicious email are detained.

Most Economical
Junk Email Assistant requires no investment in new software or hardware. You are protected around the clock when you subscribe. No need to update your software, it is done automatically.

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Contact PacInfo to Activate Your Junk Email Assistant!
Only $1.00/month per mailbox.