General Questions
Postini Email Services

Do the email services make my email slower?
There is no noticeable latency especially since email delivery does not typically occur in real-time. The enterprise-class servers are capable of processing millions of messages per day-each message within milliseconds.

What if I can't log in to my Postini Message Center?
You should first try your email account password. If the password fails, the login page will display instructions for how to retrieve a password based on the authentication method used for the email provider.

Do I need a special browser?
No, you only need version 4 (v4) and above of Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Does the Message Center offer POP access?
No, at this time the only way to enter the message is via a web browser. This allows for 'Secure Socket Layer' (SSL) connection assuring your security is not compromised.

What if I don't want these services?
These value-added email services are user-configurable, allowing you to simply turn off one or all email services. Typically, email providers will determine default settings for their customers. If those setting are too intrusive or not effective enough, you are welcome to adjust them at any time.

What if I change my email provider, will it still work?
No. The email services are specific to your email address.

Why do I need to enable cookies when logging into my Message Center?
The main purpose of cookies is to identify you as a unique user and prepare Web pages that reflect your personalized applications. Some information, such as your login email address, is packaged into a cookie and sent to your Web browser which stores it for later use; for example, the next time you log in, your browser will send set the cookie so only your password is required. No personal information is stored on the cookies they are simply used to ensure you are in control of your email.

How can I read a quarantined email?
Once logged in you will be taken to the main Message Center page where you can view your quarantined email.

What happens to email I delete from the Message Center?
Once email has been deleted from the Message Center it is placed in the 'Trash Folder' for a period of 14 days. When the 14-day period has expired the message is deleted. You can open the Trash folder at any time during this 14 day holding period to review and delivered previously deleted email.

What happens to email that I deliver from the Message Center?
When you deliver email from the Message Center to your email address, it is forwarded directly and immediately to your inbox. A copy is also placed in the 'Trash Folder' for a period of 14 days. Once the 14-day period has expired the messages are deleted. You can open the Trash folder at any time during this 14-day holding period to review and redelivered previously delivered mail.