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Any Website visitor who has ever experienced a well-designed, interactive multimedia presentation can tell you; the work it took to create a professional presentation makes a real difference — in fact, it can make the difference between inviting the visitor to stay or causing them to leave your Website within moments of their arrival. It's all about precise communication; a fluid harmony of color, layout, content and aesthetics. As a Website owner, you'll want to create a warm atmosphere that invites your visitors inside — not only to browse; but to interact, purchase services or goods and return again and again. A Multimedia-rich "virtual" hospitality is within your reach when you choose to go with the professionals at PacInfo.

Add Flash for Incredible User Experiences

Flash is an ideal format for delivering superior interactivity over the Internet by adding one of the most amazing technological advances to ever hit the Web. When you choose to have PacInfo author Flash technology for your Website, your visitors will be entranced by the experience of nearly instantaneous-loading animation, sound and navigation. The high-level of interactivity inherent with a quality Flash-enabled website makes returning to the older, static pages of the last five years seem mundane. PacInfo is well-experienced at utilizing Flash and its companion development tools to create a highly interactive interface for your new Web presence.

Graphics, Photography and Print

What's a marketing presentation or a Web site without effective, professionally composed graphics? Our graphic design team has been working in Graphic Design and Multimedia for years, using the most current tools and keeping abreast of latest trends and techniques. Not only do they have the experience needed to create Internet-specific graphics; they have extensive experience in video production for mass distribution, print graphics for publication, photography skills in a variety of disciplines and character generation / animation for broadcast televison, to name a few. PacInfo knows it is important to offer trained and experienced professionals to work with you in bringing the vision you have in your mind to fruition on the Web. Sometimes, though, great graphics alone are not enough. When your site is prepared for it's grand opening, we can design your service bureau ready companion literature using the tool of choice for print professionals, QuarkXpress.

Streaming Media

Nobody likes waiting for long video and audio files to download before they play. No need to wait any longer! Our NT servers support Microsoft's latest and incredibly powerful streaming format, "Windows Media". Your audience will be mesmerized by the streaming media effects and ease of use this popular format offers, as you get your message across in exciting, interactive and memorable ways. Bring your video to PacInfo and we'll take care of it from there, encoding it appropriately and placing it on your Website for all to see. Windows Media files are playable on both Macintosh and PC compatible computers.

CD ROM Authoring

By now you have probably already seen, or at least heard of, interactive CD ROM. If your target audience is well defined, interactive CD-ROM is the smart and cost effective choice. From interactive business cards to full multimedia productions, PacInfo can get it onto CD ROM so that you can get it in the hands of your customers.

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