Skin Ulcer




Medical Report
for Skin Diseases



As a young pharmacist in Korea, Jae Sun Shin saw thousands of burn victims from the Korean War. Frustrated by a lack of adequate burn care products available, he decided to research this further. A few years later, he began to combine ingredients trying to form a compound to heal the burn, rather than just treat the burned skin. After many years, he finally succeeded. In the early 1970’s, he began dispensing his product through his drug store in Seoul, Korea. This was possible because of the Korean regulations for prescribing prescriptions. Korea allows a pharmacist to prescribe, prepare, and sell a medicine for a patient. Originally he gave this medicine out as a burn care product. As people began using it, he discovered that his product also healed; skin irritations, boils, and especially ulcerated skin. The U.S. patent was awarded in 1992 and Mr. Shin, the pharmacist, still prepares this medicine in his drug store for his patients as he has been doing for almost three decades. What we are trying to accomplish now is to make this wonderful new drug available to all patients around the world. Who, with modern medicine now, have lost hope.


The pharmacist, Mr. Shin, has been preparing, selling and witnessing the effectiveness of this medicine with his own hands for the last 27 years. As any medical personnel will tell you that currently there is no cure for these problems, only methods of treating and trying to control. One problem that is especially bad is ulcerated skin. Doctor’s today only have medicine to treat the problem. Rather than heal it, they just try to control and monitor the spreading of the problem. As an example, most diabetics who experience skin ulcers. If the ulcer get to an advanced stage, then the diabetic typically will end up losing a limb or finger, etc. Because modern medicine today doesn’t heal the problem, they just try and control the spread of it. With this medication, a diabetic would retain their limb and have no scars in majority of cases. This medication is a topical cure; it doesn’t require anything internal. With this medicine, the cost of hospital stays, even doctor visits, would drop drastically. No more long hospital stays with therapy.


Why is this remarkable medicine not on the front page of all the newspapers? Because of the typical red tape so thoughtfully provided by the United States government. Winning FDA approval for a new drug is harder than winning the lottery. We have already been awarded an U.S. patent for this drug in 1992. We have provided many reports and clinical results that show the clinical healing power of this medicine. Mr. Shin, the pharmacist, does not have a tremendous amount of funds or research facilities to perform the tests to get enough scientific data for the FDA or pharmaceutical companies. Yet the guidelines are very strict. This drug must be extensively tested by a well-known research facility in the United States. So, we approached a few U.S. pharmaceutical companies. We met directly with their research teams, and they have studied our compound. Their medical personnel evaluated our clinical tests. Both medical and research teams agreed that indeed, this looks like a very functional product. Though out hopes were raised, they were quickly dashed. Even thought they liked the product, they would not fund the research themselves. They suggested we fund the research independently, and have them conduct it. So this brings us to now.


We are appealing to the conscious of the people. So many people could be helped. Health care cost would be lowered; medical technology will take a huge leap forward. An investment in this product would be in an investment in the future and a hope for helpless patients. Investor’s in this could make a difference in the centuries to come, as well as today. How often are people given the opportunity to make a change like this? Let me give you an example of this amazing treatment.
Take a case study such as this:
A little 6-year-old girl is helping Mom cook in the kitchen one day. She accidentally knocks a pan of boiling water off the stove. She burns the entire length of her left arm. Her mother rushes her to the hospital, and she is told that her daughter has a second- degree burn. What she has to look forward to in today’s medical world is about 5 months of treatment, and a lifetime of pain. With a burn like that, the doctor’s will more than likely opt for a skin graft. So, along with the pain of the burn, and the scar there, then the little girl also has to deal with a graft. This means that she loses more skin on her body, to try and make up for the skin lost to the burn. The problem that the little girl faces then is that grafted skin does not stretch, does not have pores, and does not grow hair. So, instead of a horrific scar, she now has skin, but it doesn’t look and act normal. With the product that Mr. Shin has invented, this little girl’s life could be restored to normal. The new treatment would take approximately 2 weeks. It would require no skin grafting, and typically it would leave no scar. The major cause of death among burn patients is not the burn, but rather the complication of infections caused by prolonged treatment. This treatment is faster and more effective. This is the case with all the ailments that this treatment cures. It gives new hopes and dreams to patients.
Here’s another example to consider:
A 52-year-old man. He has been a diabetic all his life. He is an avid bicyclist. He has a bad accident while riding one day, and almost severs his right leg. Because of his diabetes, the doctor’s cannot prescribe the normal antitoxins available to fight off infection. The man’s leg becomes infected, and the doctor’s are forced to remove it. The problem with this cure is that it is not a cure. It is an attempt to control a problem, and it is going to fail. After they remove his leg, they are faced with the same problem of fighting infection in his body. They may be able to control it this time, if they can find the right combinations of antibiotics that will not change the insulin in this man’s bloodstream. Then again they may not. When diabetics are faced with losing a limb, it can become fatal. It does not have to be this way. With Mr. Shin’s medicine, this man probably wouldn't lose his leg. The antibiotics present in this treatment are topical, and therefore wouldn't alter the level of insulin in the bloodstream. This changes this amputation from a probable fatality to a short-term treatment. After surviving 52 years, this man needs every chance that modern day medicine can give him. Without this new treatment, he will not get the chance he deserves.
Small in comparison to that, would be the opportunity to make a profit on this investment. The first step we want to take is hiring an institutional research team to perform an intensive test on this medicine so that we can effectively present the data to FDA or pharmaceutical companies. Investor’s would be given a share of ownership in this product. They would have many choices they could make as to how they would take their profit. It could be in a percentage of royalties, stock in the company, or a realized profit from a direct sale of the medication to a pharmaceutical company. Whatever the case may be, there are a multitude of possibilities that exist for an investor in this product, not to mention a hope to helpless patients.