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eCommerce. It's all the talk in the online business world today — and for good reason.

The ability to buy and sell on the web has never been more widely accepted than it is today — and businesses from New York to Paris to Eugene are all getting wired for selling their products online, in real time, for very high stakes. The key advantage to doing business on today's Internet is the unique position your enterprise has in competing with other companies... some of whom are hundreds of times larger than yours. Perhaps your company has only two employees. It doesn't matter! With the Internet, it's all in the service, convenience and presence your company provides the potential customer.

To successfully participate in the rapidly evolving eCommerce industry, you must have the right tools for the job. This is where PacInfo's years of experience developing data-intensive applications and solutions make a perfect fit for the enterprising Internet storefront owner. We take the guesswork out of creating custom eCommerce solutions by building upon proven technologies we know have a stable and successful track record in this industry. In addition to possessing stable tools, it only makes good business sense to work together with a complete Internet Solution Provider. PacInfo is Eugene/Springfield's only locally-owned provider to offer "start to finish and beyond" service to every one of their customers.

Our "Start to Finish and Beyond" eCommerce features include:

We don't use "off the shelf" or "one size fits all" shopping cart programs like many of our competitors do. The key components to our eCommerce solution is a unique administration interface which operates in conjunction with our powerful Database features. We custom develop for each and every project. Here's an example: If you think of your televisions' remote control as a tool that enables you to operate it completely, efficiently and without worry; you can easily visualize how our Administration interface operates for each eCommerce Website we develop. Rather than having to add/delete/modify or track what's available in your inventory by programming the code necessary — our approach is based on choosing selections from a set of interactive menus. You can add products to your online store, remove them, modify their descriptions, change prices, alter availability, and much more. Our product picture upload feature takes advantage of the same intuitive user interface, checking file size, color requirements, pixel dimensions, and more. Learn more about PacInfos' eCommerce and Database-Driven website solutions by clicking here!

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